I visited Chamalie when I was pregnant and waiting for my baby to arrive. My third trimester was difficult because I had a lot of back pain and as a result other parts of my body were compensating for the weight I was carrying and the fact that pregnant women cannot use strong medication.

I researched on alternative therapies and reflexology was highly recommended. I found Chamalie on the Internet and she booked me in for the same day.

My session was exactly what I needed. Chamalie treated me with professionalism that put me at ease and so much care that by the time I walked out of my session I had no anxiety or aches. I felt throughly relaxed which was also noted by my husband.

Reflexology also helped me through my labour, Chamalie had done a superb job and in the end I did not have to take an epidural or any strong medication because my session with Chamalie had already prepared my body for the process of childbirth.

I would highly recommend reflexology sessions with Chamalie for any women out there who are either scared of the labour process or are having pains while being pregnant.

Roopa, Buckinghamshire

Tailored Treatment – Acupressure & Reflexology

As a medical doctor I was open to the idea of holistic management of conditions rather than relying on pills. I would very much recommend Chamalie’s approach, which is very tailored to the individual.

I would encourage anyone who cares about their health to consider these types of treatment whether you have a medical condition or not. ‘Prevention is always better than cure’

Jit, Buckinghamshire


Neck Pain

Chamalie treated my late wife for cervical spondylosis, neck pain on a number of occasions and she always obtained much relief from these treatments which were carried out in a relaxed and friendly way.

Gerald, Buckinghamshire