Consultant & Practitioner

Consultant & Practitioner
Chamalie Kishun

Chamalie Kishun

My background for many years was in banking. I took a career break when I had my children and it was during this period I became interested in natural medicine. I was keen to understand the working of the human body and took a course in anatomy and physiology at Harrow College, studying for an ITEC qualification.

I then studied for over 10 years the different principles and practices of natural medicines, more commonly known as Complementary Medicine. My training was initially at the Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine at Mount Vernon Hospital.
Coming from a South American background, I was always aware of the natural medicines used to treat illness, so it was interesting to see how the West have gradually started to combine the healing arts from around the world, most going back to early civilisation. I also studied with the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine & Aromatherapy, which has its roots in Chinese Medicine.

I was able to use my skills and qualifications at a leading Cancer Centre working with doctors and nurses on the wards to help patients undergoing treatment for cancer.

My experiences working in the banking sector taught me to think logically; I was sceptical as to the effectiveness of these therapeutic treatments. However, during and after treatments I could see the reactions and how it helped many. My training working on the wards taught me to blend therapies to meet the requirements of each patient, as too often they were too unwell to receive a full session.

I have now opened my own practice in Chalfont St Giles; within the peaceful surroundings my clients can let go, relax and allow treatments to start the healing process.

My aim as a consultant is to devise a plan of the most effective treatment suitable for each client in order to stimulate the body’s healing response. I will also refer clients on to other professionals if I think it would serve them better.
As a practitioner, the intention is to work with each client to alleviate stress and pain within the body.

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